Measure and optimize your results

Track your email campaigns, mailing lists, forms, surveys, activity of your contacts and marketing automation campaigns in real time using one of the many interactive reports. Keep an eye on specific campaigns, ongoing trends, real-time activity streams and more. We make extensive campaign details like delivery rates, open rates, behavior, interactions and site activity visible so you can take full advantage of them.


Find out exactly by whom, when and how often your messages were opened, and which call to actions got the best results.


We’ll let you know exactly why a message couldn’t be delivered. We’ll automatically remove non-existent email addresses, to keep your lists clean and your deliverability up to the mark.

Google Analytics

Use our built-in Google Analytics integration to see what website activity, sales, conversions, and ROI your campaigns are generating.


Discover the reach of your campaign by analyzing forwards and social sharing. Easily and quickly plan your own social media posts to get even more attention for your campaign.

Get to know your contacts even better through contact reporting and lead scoring

Besides extensive campaign reports, you ‘ll also get a complete history for each individual contact within a specified time period: opens, clicks, activity, registrations, completed forms, and much more. For every campaign you’ll also discover their favorite devices. Thanks to the lead scoring, you can identify your most engaged contacts, and the contacts that need to be nurtured some more.

Analyze the success of your design and content

In the link map you’ll get a visual report of the interactions and clicks for links, buttons and graphics. That way you’ll get a better insight in the right composition and structure for your message, and how to optimize future campaigns. Do the results of your campaign reveal a unique opportunity to contact someone again with a personalized message? Launch follow-up campaigns to specific target groups directly from within your report. Very neat if you’d like to launch your campaign with a new subject to anyone who didn’t open your message, or to promote your new app with iPhone readers.

Rate and optimize your marketing automation and increase your ROI

Check out the detailed results of each campaign, how many emails were sent, in which step your contacts are situated, and consult a report for each level in your flow. This allows you to analyze every step, and easily adapt when needed to optimize your content, personalization and timing even more.

Create your own summary PDF reports

In addition to the extensive reporting in Addemar you can easily compose your own summary reports. Decide which elements you wish to include, who should automatically receive your report, and at what times you wish to receive the latest figures.

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