Send captivating campaigns with the best deliverability

In Addemar you effortlessly send your campaign to the right audience. Select the message you want to send, determine subject and sender, and compose your desired audience by making a selection in your mailing lists, interest groups and preferences.

The right message at the right time using marketing automation

Campaigns are most powerful when they are perfectly tailored to your contact. With our user-friendly and powerful tools you perfectly align your content with the needs and behavior of your contact, and set up your own extensive marketing automation scenarios to send your contacts the right message at crucial moments in time.

Optimize your results in real-time using AB Testing

Thanks to AB Testing you can improve and refine your email marketing efforts. Immediately optimize the results of your campaign with testing on subject, sender, content and call to actions. Choose the test you want to run, add variants and determine the size of your test group. After the set waiting period, the winning variant will automatically be sent to your remaining contacts. In the statistics you can see in real-time how each variant is performing, so that you can draw lessons for your next campaigns.

Ensure your reputation with Email Authentication

Improve the deliverability and reliability of your campaigns for the highest open rates. Today, a thorough authentication is a must if you want to make your campaigns count. By adding three records to your domain, you create a digital signature for each campaign and show the spam filters that you are a trustworthy sender.

Message and spam check
Test the design and content of your message in every important email clients and spam filter. That way you’re sure your message is 100% ready to launch.

Delayed sending
Immediately send your campaign or plan it for a later date and time. This allows you to adapt your campaign to different time zones.

Relaunching campaigns
Relaunch an already sent campaign to new contacts. Contacts that already received the original campaign, are automatically deduplicated.

Advanced Send engine
At Addemar you automatically get access to the most powerful tools to ensure proper delivery of large volumes of email in the appropriate inbox.

Integrated test campaigns
Check personalization, sending data, subject line, forms and links. Are you happy with the result? Immediately launch your actual campaign to the selected mailing lists.

Dynamic Domain Manager
Send professional campaigns to all your contacts without revealing the use of “external” software. The Dynamic Domain Manager allows you to send campaigns without any underlying reference to Addemar. 

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