Manage your audience and enrich your contacts

Email marketing is no longer about sending mass mailings. Using Addemar you set up hyper-personalized and targeted campaigns for every target audience. And that’s how you create a unique experience in the inbox of your contacts. Get visual insight into your target groups and the behavior of your contacts using the Addemar contact management.

Advanced segmentation

Unlimited segments, unlimited groups, unlimited precision

Data is only interesting when you can use it in a smart way. With the segmentation, you save your contacts, clients, leads and prospects into specific target groups based on contact data, clicking behavior, activity, interests or source. These audiences you then use for targeted campaigns, marketing automation scenarios or the personalization of your messages.

Collect interesting visitors

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a large database, we give you the tools to make your database grow rapidly with new contacts. Get the best results across your various touch points through dynamic opt-in forms.

Using the Preference Center your contacts can indicate their interests or preferences, or make a choice between your various email communications. Because your contacts can change their preferences at any time, you avoid unsubscribes while also improving your deliverability and sender reputation.

Analyze clicking behavior using interest groups

Get an overview of the underlying interests of your contacts by storing their clicking behavior and actions in your automation campaigns in your contact management. That way you automatically compose new relevant target groups, which you can use to launch your campaigns, for the segmentation of your contacts and to personalize the content in your email.

Flexible import & export

The flexible import allows you to easily and quickly import large and extensive contact lists into Addemar.

Integrated API

Import contacts from your external database or automatically synchronize the actions of your contacts with your own data.

Automatic bounce management

Addemar automatically cleans nonexistent addresses from your database to keep your sender reputation up to the mark.

Set up your own contact fields

Store all possible contact info using custom fields like text fields, date fields, numeric fields, radio buttons and check boxes.

Blacklists at multiple levels

Using blacklists on different levels, you determine how you wish to deal with unsubscriptions.

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