Design professional emails

With Addemar, you have all the intelligent tools you need to set up beautifully-designed, professional and above all effective e-mail campaigns to grow your business.

Easily and quickly create professional emails

With our easy to use drag&drop tool design you create professional newsletters, promotional emails, invitations, confirmations and follow-up mails effortlessly. Thanks to its extensive templates and design options, you create captivating and responsive email messages with an optimal result in each inbox, and on any device.

Your custom template within an intuitive interface

Do you prefer to use your own custom template? With our Wizard templates every employee sends effective responsive emails that perfectly match your branding within minutes. You simply insert your texts, images and links in a completely preprogrammed system. And that without any technical knowledge.

Dynamic content: one message, endless possibilities

Email marketing becomes even more powerful when your campaigns are perfectly tailored to your contacts. The powerful Addemar interface allows you to personalize your message with the contact information you've collected, to only display content when a contact meets certain criteria, or to completely fill out your message with content from your database. That way you send campaigns that are 100% optimized for the clicking behavior and needs of your contacts. Dynamic Content revolves around ultimate personalization - on a large scale.

Optimize your transactional emails for optimal return on marketing

Transactional messages usually get the highest open rates for all of your email campaigns. By optimizing these essential messages in Addemar you bring back more contacts to your website, offer them the best possible experience and generate more sales. Create a consistent and familiar experience across your entire email communication.

Get to know your contacts even better using forms and surveys

Design your own forms for invites, orders, registrations and applications and use them in your email campaigns. Connect the fields in your form with your Addemar database to collect new data. Create extensive surveys and build scenarios based on answers. Thanks to the marketing automation you also create the perfect follow-up, including reminders.

HTML editor

Code your own messages with maximum flexibility, or import your own HTML code. Thanks to the rollback feature, you can return to one of the last 10 saved versions.

Text version

By generating a text version you can also optimize your content for smartwatches and other tekst-only devices. On top of that, spam filters will appreciate you even more.

Image & file hosting

Upload your own images and documents and use them in your email messages. Thanks to the built-in editor you easily edit your images and apply filters without having to use an external editing tool.

Landing pages

Create landing pages to link to exclusive content or additional information about your product or service from within your message.

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