Create an automated marketing machine

Email is neither the first nor the last touchpoint in your contact’s lifecycle. Using the Addemar Marketing Automation you set up your own simple or complex scenarios to deliver the perfect message to your contacts at crucial moments in time.

Send the right message to the right contact at the right time

Convert real-time information of your contacts into targeted and personalized flows, to provide your contacts with the perfect follow-up. Quickly get started with one of our standard flows, or build your own automation scenario’s from scratch based on your goals. That way you’ll generate more ROI, without having to put in more time or energy.

Move your contacts throughout the pipeline using advanced lead nurturing campaigns

Utilize the behavior and characteristics of your contacts and prospects for your marketing. Create simple flows and complex scenarios with multiple touchpoints using an intuitive and visual automation builder. Stimulate sales and convert prospects into customers through by referring them to sales at the right times, or by sending them a customized offer.

Track the behavior of your contacts on your website using Web Tracking

Analyze which pages your contacts visit on your website and use that information to store them in interest groups, launch new workflows and trigger specific campaigns. Let your website talk with Addemar to retrieve specific information of your contacts from the Addemar database and to fill in forms. Would you like to get even more information about the impact of your email campaign? Discover in your campaign report which actions your contacts take on your website after receiving your email.

Manage your social media activities within your familiar Addemar environment

Manage your social media accounts and various feeds, plan posts, interact with your audience and analyze the reports of your different accounts. With the search on your dashboard you discover posts that contain the keywords that are relevant to you. That way you can quickly respond to any customer service issues, track responses to your online marketing campaign or get an overview of feedback regarding your recent launch. 

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