Taking interests into account


Relevance is a key factor in a succesful campaign

Personalising your message and targetting the right segments will take you already one step beyond.
When you start taking interests of your customers into account you start building relevant conversations with your customer.



Besides name and address, you can find out the interests of your contact.

this information can be used to send out relevant messages to your different customer segments.

Such information can perfectly be requested on a profile page.




Think first before you move

From the moment you ask about interests, you need to take into account:

  • Asking about them but not doing anything with the info comes over as negative.
  • If you provide many different interest options, then it could be a lot of work to send everyone a mailing specifically tailored to their interests.
    For example, six choices add up to 64(!) possible interest combinations.

How can Addemar help you?

Our Dynamische Content feature is build for this !

This feature offers you the possiblity to create campaigns which are based upon the interests / profiles of your customers.


What does it do?





How does it work


You can divide your contacts into different interest groups as shown below :



This information can be used to split up your creation into different buildings blocks which use this information to target your contacts

Check the video below on how you can use this feature.







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