Segmenting target groups

Trying to satisfy a wide range of different needs is rarely effective.
Splitting your customers into different groups of similar people will enable you to market your products or services specifically to the ones that will be most profitable to you.

Start to identify the different segments among your existing customers by looking for groups with similar characteristics.

Consumers are often segmented by age, gender or income.

Business customers can be broken down into different industries or by size. In practice, location is often a key factor, whether you are targeting local customers or looking for export opportunities.

How can you obtain the necessary details?  


You can refer to the Addemar profile page link (There you can determine which profile details may be shown). The profile page is perfect for adding and/or correcting details.
Ask your contacts whether they would like to complete their profile using the link.
Be sure to explain why you’re asking and what you plan on doing or not doing with these details.

Profile page example:


Profile contact



How do you use these details to make your message more relevant?

When you have various details, you can divide the database into different target groups based on one or more details:



  • Region
  • Gender
  • Turnover
  • Profession
  • Number of employees


How does it work in Addemar?

In our segment section we offer you a dynamic group, how such a group can be used is described here below.

Navigate to :

  • Segment – Contact groups (target groups)
  • Click the New group button and select the options as described in the screenshot below


screenshot new contact group Addemar

  • Add segmentation rules


screenshot segment rules

This new group is always up to date with all the contacts in your Addemar database where Membership equals Expert.

That how you can create dynamic interests groups.

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