Personalising your message

It is always nice to be addressed personally in an e-mail.
However, if what follows is ‘one size fits all’, you will not get good results.

The more personal details you use, the more your contact will feel like you’re addressing them.

  • Do you have any other details apart from the e-mail address or mobile number?
  • What details?
  • Can you use them in your communications?


The same e-mail is sent to John and Olivia, but with personalisation it is totally different:


How does it work in Addemar?

Personalising in Addemar is easy:

  • Go to segment.
  • Here you will get an overview of the different fields in Addemar.
  • Next to each field there is a code.
  • Place this code in the text you want to use.
  • And test it!

Example of a possible database :


An example


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