Is high volume the right play?

There are pros and cons regarding limiting the number of contact moments.

Some say : too much would start to irritate, choose a relevant message at the right time but in small doses.
While others think email marketing is just like TV advertising, only through continued inbox presence you create brand awareness so that people remember you when they are ready to purchase.


Too much starts to irritate

We all agree that it is not the quantity that irritates but the quality, or rather the lack of it. So you need to send the correct content at the right time.

If you can offer something interesting, it will always be welcome.


Brand awareness

Others claim that you need to use personalised blasting these days. This means as many contact moments as possible if they are hyper personalised.
Their theory: the inbox is already overwhelmed. You can only stand out by being there frequently. But only with relevant, valuable and personalised content.



How to find your balance?

We believe the truth lies, as always, in the middle. Indeed, current technology allows a much more personalised approach, which means you can increase contact moments.
And indeed: increased presence will result in brand awareness. But too frequent delivery of valuable content can be just as irritating/frustrating.
Improving the quality of your content and increasing the number of contact moments can only happen through additional investments. The required budget will also define which strategy to follow. A cost-benefit analysis is no unnecessary luxury!



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